It’s Just Rap and Carly Rae Jepsen: Side B

Taking after Carly’s own tradition of following up albums with a “side B” that includes a bunch of cuts that didn’t make the original album, we’ve done the same with our original playlist, while also taking the chance to update this with some of Carly’s works that have been released since the original came out.

Otherwise, like we said the last time, it’s impossible to explain this any more.


what’s the long-ass german word for posting something knowing i’m never gonna be famous enough to get shit for not fully researching the political opinions or actions of every single artist featured in a free jazz, jazz fusion, & avant garde jazz playlist i jokingly titled this jazz kills fascists anyway acab

TI-83+ LoFi Hip-Hop Beats to Relax/Study To

First act is instrumental chillhop, second act is downtempo hip-hop. Play straight for work hard to play hard, shuffle if you want an adventure. I know it sounds like it’s gonna be a chiptune playlist but that’s not the joke.