blood for the blood god

write me an over-the-top ChatGPT-ass seo optimized description of a taylor swift spotify playlist and i guess also say something about travis kelce

Introducing the ultimate Taylor Swift Spotify playlist that will ignite your passion for her iconic music like never before! 🌟 Dive into a world of electrifying melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and unforgettable hits that will take you on a whirlwind journey through Taylor Swift’s illustrious career.

🎶 “Shake It Off” to the rhythm of “Love Story” and “Blank Space,” as Taylor’s enchanting voice and chart-topping singles seamlessly blend into the perfect symphony of emotions. From the country crooner of “Tim McGraw” to the pop sensation behind “Delicate,” our playlist offers an immaculate blend of her musical evolution.

But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, we couldn’t resist including a special mention of Travis Kelce, the superstar tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs! Just like Taylor Swift’s playlist, Kelce’s incredible athletic prowess and jaw-dropping plays have redefined the game of football. It’s a touchdown-worthy pairing you won’t want to miss!

So, if you’re a devoted Swifty or just someone looking for a musical journey that transcends time, this SEO-optimized Taylor Swift Spotify playlist is your ticket to audio euphoria. 🎧 Press play now and let the harmonious melodies transport you into a world where love, heartbreak, and triumph unite in a dazzling crescendo of sound! 🌠

Hot Pocket Magazine 3/18 Launch Party Mix

Trash Garbage‘s resident hip hot real-life Brooklyn DJ performed at the launch party for Hot Pocket Magazine, an experimental literary and art magazine created by and centering trans, queer, nonbinary, and femme artists. Keep an eye out for that, and enjoy the mix here!

TECHNOTRANCE – Bar Jade 10/19 Mix

This is the most cohesive collection of all of the biggest, loudest, and most melodic tracks that have been inspiring me this year. And on a personal level, this is proof that I can fully manage a three deck CDJ setup.

Track list is a bit mixed cuz it’s not suuuper clear when something becomes “a mashup” and when it’s “here are two songs playing at the same time for several minutes”. I’ll generally call something a mashup if I start with one song, bring in another, and then take it back out and “finish” with the original song. But if it’s just 1, 1+2, 2, that’s just a long blend?

Enjoy the long blend.

firefly was always bad

spicy hot jams for working on your spicy hot takes

imo this is a good one for the last hour of a workday when you’ve emotionally hit a wall and need to rally and by rally i mean reflect on the relationship between the frictions of life and the value of life

sometimes we were wrong about things

version history

[June 27, 2022] the live version on spotify has swapped in some currently available instrumental pillows tunes to try to match the OG’s energy, added a few other songs throughout to address the gap created by how that goal is not, in fact, possible. it feels fucked to act like a tv show is the bad thing in June 2022 in, say, america, but here we are. rage against the dying of the light for ~63 minutes.

[Nov 24, 2021] the OG version of this playlist with a buncha good good pillows instrumentals from FLCL, which are in a constant state of on/off spotify. can be temporarily enjoyed via youtube, until something inevitably goes wrong there too.


this is a playlist of talking heads, radiohead, portishead, and blonde redhead


obviously this started as a joke but it turned out surprisingly cohesive, even to me, who blindly thought this would probably work. it’s very moody groovy, and they all play nicely with each other (which does mean that Your favorite radiohead song probably got cut, sorry). it is by dumb necessity our longest playlist, because I decided each of them got exactly 25 songs. these are, without exaggeration, all in my top 10 favorite bands, and all of them have HEAD in their name, and I thought that was pretty trash garbage. you may not put it on shuffle.

tell us who is your favorite head in the comments.

8 or 9 of our favorite albums of 2021

Same deal as last year. “Best of” lists are exhausting, “comprehensive” is a full-time job and this is not our full-time job, everyone knows a new Adele album came out in 2021, we haven’t even listened to every release from 2021 we even want to listen to. These are just some personal favorites that came out in 2021.

Best Album That Sammie Will Point To As Evidence That Sammie Listens To Music Besides Milquetoast Ambient

Nurture – Porter Robinson

Best Upgrade From Lo-Fi Chill-Hop Beats

The Yth Guest – ThorHighHeels

Best Revisited Teenage Feelings

Home Video – Lucy Dacus

Best Album for When You’ve Just Turned 30 And Now Truly Realize the Power of Nostalgia

memoryland – CFCF

Best Album To Quickly Inform You Who Is Just Tolerating The Gays


Best Variety Hour

Sound Ancestors – Madlib

Best Full Band Pivot Flex

Little Oblivions – Julien Baker

Best Most Convincing Attempt At Music

ULTRAPOP – The Armed

Best Billie Eilish

Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish

Best Internally Screaming Cathartic Release That Jesus Christ It’s Still The Pandemic (Not About The Pandemic)

Laura Stevenson – Laura Stevenson

Best Mr Krabs Beep Bop Boo Boo Bop–Ass Album

Tread – Ross from Friends

Best “I Read Resident Advisor” Album

Mirrors – DJ Seinfeld

Best Jazz

Liminal Space – Ill Considered

Best Jazz (Taylor’s Version)


Best Confusing Wikipedia Entry

E.VAX – E.VAX, Ratatat

Best Tornado Documentary

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never – Oneohtrix Point Never

Best Litmus Test For Which Millennials Are Getting Boomer-Pilled

SOUR – Olivia Rodrigo

Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Pick It Up Pick It Up Pick It Up Pick It Up


Look, I have no idea what there is to say about ska. We often do “idk what to say” posts ranging from ironic to earnest to whatever liminal spaces in between serve our needs, but a ska is a ska is a ska is a ska. Sammie and I have talked a lot before about how weird it is to realize as adults that not everyone went to a high school that, for some reason, was really into ska. I genuinely have no idea if explaining my goal to make a good ska playlist, a bangers only ska playlist, a not just popular ska playlist, by writing that “everyone already knows about ‘Beer’ so you could just listen to ‘Beer’ if you want to listen to ‘Beer'” would come across as a shitpost, as inscrutable, or as the most controversial thing I’ve yet to write on trash garbage. I even came across an article published a few days ago that says more about the weird self-defense gut reaction combination of condescension towards and gatekeeping within ska than I could articulate.

So here’s a two and a half-hour ska playlist for your hot vax summer. Music that is, in the words of Brian David Gilbert:

Maybe it’s even more alienating that last year’s summer playlist. What a blessing.

Gender Euphoria

I’ve been in a perpetual process of self-discovery for about the last decade. I sat in a course I was taking at the time in college, reading an article about the experience of transgender and nonbinary people in Japan, and at that moment something clicked in my head, and I’ve spent the better part of 10 years trying to deny it with various success.

And if you have ever tried to do coursework while also dealing with the revelation that you are likely not the gender you were assigned at birth, it is not easy!

I’ve never been a particularly self-aware person, and so my feelings about anything about myself have been hard to say so far, making this a weird and hard post to write. I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery lately, and like most of the things in my life it’s led me precisely nowhere.

Okay, that’s not necessarily true. It’s led me somewhere, which is a place I didn’t really think I’d be at and, if I’m being honest, which I’m being with strangers on the internet for some reason, it’s a particularly scary one. I don’t like existing in a way where I stand out, I don’t like existing in a way where I feel the need to explain myself. I am nervous just writing this blog post knowing that someone could, with knowledge of my partner in playlists here, pretty easily determine who I am in Real Life™. I don’t like this because it feels like, in a world where most people have the answers to these questions, I still don’t, and even if I do have those answers, the reality is one that opens me up to a life of rejection, hate, and struggle.

But the thought of living a life as a lie is harder one, and the thought that maybe if things are kinda tough for me, they might be easier for someone else like me one day is certainly a nice one.

I don’t have the answers yet. But I feel like I’m getting closer.

Anyways, here is Gender Euphoria, a playlist I made for the moments where I can see a future where I’m comfortable looking in the mirror. They’re still pretty rare, but they feel wonderful when they happen, and I want to share that with you all. This is actually an extremely personal playlist as it’s one that’s sat on my own spotify account for a long time (with some exceptions. My personal one has “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain on it, and I was NOT going to subject you all to that). But with the one day my cloaking field deactivates being tomorrow [ed. note after checking the date and doubling checking how long this draft has been in my inbox: whoops], I wanted to share with you all a playlist that imagines a slightly better tomorrow, and to share with everyone out there feeling a similar way a moment in time where maybe things feel a little better.

Some of these songs are a little less than euphoric but part of my specific euphoria is imagining a world where I feel like celebrating my journey so here we are.

Also, this playlist currently has the second most Carly Rae Jepsen of any Trash Garbage playlist and if you are wondering why, I have prepared a helpful guide:

8 or 9 of our favorite albums of 2020

“Best of” lists are exhausting and stressful when it’s not your full-time job (eg holy shit there was a new Avalanches album this year???). And, folks, we say a lot of things “are Trash Garbage”, but that ain’t Trash Garbage. Here are some albums that came out in 2020 which resonated with Sammie and Matthew a lot that you probably have already heard about.

Best Album That Sammie Listened to on Repeat For Like Three Months Straight to Cope with 2020

Game Trails – Aukai

Best Album Wistfully Longing for That Time Bernie Won Nevada

N O D R E A M – Jeff Rosenstock

Best Album We Would Have Nominated for “Best Mountain Goats Album” If Getting Into Knives, Songs for Pierre Chuvin, and The Jordan Lake Sessions Had Not Also Come Out This Year

Making a Door Less Open – Car Seat Headrest

Best Mountain Goats Album

Getting Into Knives – The Mountain Goats

Best Album That Sammie Will Point To As Evidence That Sammie Listens To Music Besides Milquetoast Ambient

Blood Rage – NxxxxxS

Best Taylor Swift Album

Punisher – Phoebe Bridgers

Best Album That Made Me Personally Upset That Live Concerts Aren’t Gonna Be a Thing For a Long Time To Come

Color Theory – Soccer Mommy

Best Chill Vibes To Study And Relax To

Folklore – Taylor Swift

Best Album That Matthew Tried To Talk With a Tinder Match About Without Reading The Room Properly

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately – Perfume Genius

Best Album By A Band I Was Really Into In High School, Hasn’t Released An Album Since 2006, and Then Just Came Out of Nowhere With A Weirdly Cohesive New Album And Dropped It Right As The Pandemic Hit

Bad News – Butterfingers

Best Upgrade From Lo-Fi Chill-Hop Beats

Suite for Max Brown – Jeff Parker

Best Soundtrack I Heard in 2020 to the Best TV Show Adaptation I Watched in 2020 of the Best Novel I Read in 2020

Normal People – Stephen Rennicks

Best Cat

my cat