8 or 9 of our favorite albums of 2020

“Best of” lists are exhausting and stressful when it’s not your full-time job (eg holy shit there was a new Avalanches album this year???). And, folks, we say a lot of things “are Trash Garbage”, but that ain’t Trash Garbage. Here are some albums that came out in 2020 which resonated with Sammie and Matthew a lot that you probably have already heard about.

Best Album That Sammie Listened to on Repeat For Like Three Months Straight to Cope with 2020

Game Trails – Aukai

Best Album Wistfully Longing for That Time Bernie Won Nevada

N O D R E A M – Jeff Rosenstock

Best Album We Would Have Nominated for “Best Mountain Goats Album” If Getting Into Knives, Songs for Pierre Chuvin, and The Jordan Lake Sessions Had Not Also Come Out This Year

Making a Door Less Open – Car Seat Headrest

Best Mountain Goats Album

Getting Into Knives – The Mountain Goats

Best Album That Sammie Will Point To As Evidence That Sammie Listens To Music Besides Milquetoast Ambient

Blood Rage – NxxxxxS

Best Taylor Swift Album

Punisher – Phoebe Bridgers

Best Album That Made Me Personally Upset That Live Concerts Aren’t Gonna Be a Thing For a Long Time To Come

Color Theory – Soccer Mommy

Best Chill Vibes To Study And Relax To

Folklore – Taylor Swift

Best Album That Matthew Tried To Talk With a Tinder Match About Without Reading The Room Properly

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately – Perfume Genius

Best Album By A Band I Was Really Into In High School, Hasn’t Released An Album Since 2006, and Then Just Came Out of Nowhere With A Weirdly Cohesive New Album And Dropped It Right As The Pandemic Hit

Bad News – Butterfingers

Best Upgrade From Lo-Fi Chill-Hop Beats

Suite for Max Brown – Jeff Parker

Best Soundtrack I Heard in 2020 to the Best TV Show Adaptation I Watched in 2020 of the Best Novel I Read in 2020

Normal People – Stephen Rennicks

Best Cat

my cat

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